"Building Your A-Team: How To Build An Unstoppable Real Estate Team"

"I am thankful every day to live in the house of my dreams, which Jennifer made possible."
~ Thaddeus Ferber, Forum for Youth Investment

Building Your A-Team: For Investors to 10 Times Your Real Estate Investing Business...For Home Owners To Keep From Making Mistakes That Could Cost You Your New Home!

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You can’t be an expert at all things... You need people who are experts who help you...

What this report will teach you:

The exact list of the ten advisers you need to make a solid investment without losing your shirt...

The most critical question to ask each expert BEFORE you hire them...

Why your mindset going into real estate investing is as important as your team...

And much, much more...

Do you want to be winning the game of real estate so you can retire when you want to retire, providing for your family and leaving them a lasting legacy

Then its time to build your A-Team!


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The Success Principles: Jack Canfield Interviews Jennifer Hammond

Want to find out how to get a real estate deal to work out successfully? In May 2015, Jack Canfield (co-author of the bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and The Success Principles) interviewed me about how I've put the success principles to work with my real estate clients.

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Raving Fans...

I can’t say enough about Jennifer. She was from day one everything a buyer could ask for in a real estate agent: her mission was always about finding me my dream house, and was never about the commission. I am thankful every day to live in the house of my dreams, which Jennifer made possible.
Thaddeus Ferber, Forum for Youth Investment

Jennifer is…a true one-stop shop! I have been involved in real estate investing for nearly 15 years and have purchased dozens of homes…..I thought I knew it all until I met Jennifer! She assisted me with everything from bank selection to negotiating a good deal! If you are a seasoned investor or new to real estate, Jennifer is the best there is….PERIOD! 
Rod Perry, Audi Business Operations

I have personally experienced her work and her attention to detail, knowledge, experience and negotiation skills are the best I have ever experienced. Professionally, she has assisted our top executives in my company and is known to be one of the best in the industry.

Jennifer is my go-to real estate expert. She helped me buy my first condo and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to be on my side during the process. Buying property for the first time is intimidating and stressful, but Jennifer always remained upbeat and positive, explaining every step along the way. In the end I had a better understanding about the world of real estate and a beautiful place to call my own. Five years later, she helped my husband and I sell that condo and buy our first single-family home. Every real estate transaction is different, but going through it with Jennifer is a welcomed constant. 

She is a well of good information and does her best to answer all of your questions and concerns. Jennifer has a supportive team flanking her. And, if you’ve interacted with Jennifer personally in a professional environment for any length of time, you realize her her dynamic charisma is unmatched. Her team is also very knowledgeable and has extensive experience as well. You can’t go wrong with Jennifer and her team. Most important to me were her high ethical standards.

About The Author


Jennifer Hammond

As the host of SiriusXM’s most highly-rated real estate talk show “The Jennifer Hammond Show,” Jennifer Hammond gets great fulfillment from using her knowledge and experience in the field of real estate investing to help her listeners understand the fundamentals of the world of real estate.

For Jennifer, there’s no satisfaction like knowing the important role she can play in finding people the best home. As Jennifer says: “I will never forget the bright sunny day when I handed my first client the keys to his house and he had tears of joy in his eyes. That was the day, I was truly sold on real estate!”

A real estate expert licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, Jennifer uses her twenty-plus years of real estate experience to help her clients and listeners truly understand the real estate process. She’s also been a featured guest on other radio shows such as the Armstrong Williams Show and the Karen Hunter Show and TV shows such as HGTV’s Flipping Boston, where her frank real estate advice is widely appreciated and respected.

In addition to her real estate and radio broadcasting work, Jennifer is a philanthropist with a huge heart. Always ready to tackle serious issues, Jennifer makes it a passion of hers to support her community and make a difference in the lives of others.I interviewed 7 US Congressman in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE Veterans Affairs Committee room for a 2 hour special on Sirius/XM

Jennifer interviewing 7 US Congressman in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE Veterans Affairs Committee room for a 2 hour special on Sirius/XM:

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